CBAT is excited to be the official Trackman correspondent for the College World Series!

Who are we?

Founded in 2019, the Creighton Baseball Analytics Team (CBAT) is a student-led organization that works with Bluejay coaches and the Heider College of Business to answer baseball questions, and support the on-field product. CBAT is responsible for data collection, management, analysis and reporting for our Rapsodo and Trackman sources. CBAT also assists with advance scouting and baseball theory. The program currently consists of 16 members, with 21 total having come through the organization since 2019.

Current Director: Rourke Jensen (Class of '23)

Coaching Liaison: Connor Gandossy (Hitting Coach and Recruiting Coordinator)

Founder: Ryan Wolak (Class of '21) (Director Emeritus)